Q: Do your plants come with the pot included?

A: No, when purchasing a plant it will be sent bare root and packaged carefully so that the plant is safe in transit.


Q: What does Bare Root mean?

A: This means the plant is shipped without the soil and the pot. We recommend being prepared with a pot and soil upon arrival.


Q: Can I buy a plant with the pot included?

A: Yes you can upon special request. You will need to contact us BEFORE purchasing so that we can make a special listing, due to the shipping weight being different with the soil and pot included.


Q: Is the plant in the picture the exact one I will receive?

A: It will be the exact one or one similar in value.


Q: How can you be sure the plant will be safe in transit with cold weather?

A: We always take special care when packaging your plants, we recommend adding our heating packs to your purchase so that we can make sure your plant has plenty of heat in transit.


Q: How do I know if I should purchase a heating pack or not?

A: We recommend the use of the heating packs whenever the temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees. Our rule of thumb is from the beginning of October till the end up March is a safe bet of when to utilize heating packs in your purchase.